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Every child’s story is uniquely their own and they deserve to have a caring and safe way to explore and make meaning of their life without their past driving their current and further thinking and behaviour.

 I have designed my services and training with the child at the centre of the work. All services are trauma informed and evidence-based practice. Combining this with my academic knowledge and professional experience, I have been able to help children and young people, families and communities and professionals over the last 15 years across Australia, New Zealand and the United States both in person and online. 

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Therapeutic Life Story Work – Full Piece

Using the Rose (2012) Model of Therapeutic Life Story Work, this 18-session intervention generally takes place over a 9-12 month period in the home. It is aimed at providing a child or young person and their carer/keyworker the chance to understand the child’s life story in a safe and therapeutic way.

The program includes an initial assessment and report, mid- point review and closure report. 

More About Me

A More About Me approach is a shorter 10 – 12 session model that is tailored to meet the child or young person where they are at, and may address specific presenting issues. More About Me has a focus on the child’s past, but is more focused on the present and future for the child. 

Supervision (clinical, individual and group)

I have been providing various types of supervision over the last 10 years and specifically TLSW related for the last 6 years. Trained in clinical supervision, I can tailor my supervision approach to meet the supervisee where they are at. I provide a safe and nurturing supervision space that supports the supervisee to grow their practice and self-awareness within their therapeutic work. 

Case or Secondary consultation

I am available for case consultation in relation to therapeutic life story work. I also provide support to professionals within the social welfare sector to have difficult and challenging conversations safely. Supporting the practitioner or worker to feel confident and capable to have these conversations is a vital part of the child’s ability to understand and recover. 

Agency based consultation:  I work within organisations and government programs to provide consultation around TLSW practice, therapeutic frameworks of practice, programming and business development by request.


I am passionate about sharing knowledge in a safe, friendly and motivating environment. I have been working alongside Richard Rose and others in the training of students in the Professional Diploma run through Berry Street since 2019. I also run tailored workshops across sectors including child welfare, education, police and justice, early childhood and mental health.

All About Me

An All About Me approach is tailored brief 4-6 session program that supports the child in the development of an understanding of who they are in the present. The All About Me Book is developed alongside individual children or young people and their primary carer. This approach is designed to therapeutically support the child to understand their present and identify their future goals and aspirations.  This approach is useful for new placements to support the child and carer/family to begin to understand and build connection with one another. It is also a valuable tool to use within case management roles to support the child’s voice throughout their care journey. 

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