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I am passionate about sharing knowledge in a safe, friendly and motivating environment. I have been working alongside Richard Rose and others in the training of students in the Professional Diploma run through Berry Street since 2019. I also run tailored workshops across sectors including child welfare, education, police and justice, early childhood and mental health.

TLSW Training – half and full day training available and tailored to services/sectors.

Next public training will be in February 2023

This is therapeutic life story work training specific that will support attendees to gain an introductory and basic understanding of the therapeutic life story work process and key intervention tools. The training is suitable for professionals, carers or an agency looking at professional development opportunities for their teams.

Understanding and caring for traumatised children, families and communities (tailored, ongoing).


This training is available across Australia either in person or online and has previously been provided  to police, professional agencies working with hurt children, early education teams, nursing and paramedical staff as well as with university students. Using trauma informed practice principles and the concept of the Community Around the Child (CAC), those working in the community sector will be able to understand more about childhood trauma, it’s effects and what they can do as a caring professional to help. 

The art of safe storytelling and use of self in the therapeutic space

September 2022 - upcoming through Berry Street

Human beings are made to connect with others through language, art and song. This training will support professionals to delve deeper into how to safely share parts of their own story within their practice. The workshop will support attendees to understand the power of storytelling, key elements of a story and be given a chance to practice developing therapeutically safe stories to use within their practice.

Trauma, meaning making and my role within a child’s world

November 2022

We all want to do and say the right thing when we are asked big and challenging questions. This training supports professionals working alongside traumatised children to understand the impacts of trauma and provide them with therapeutically safe tools and strategies to be able to have important conversations with a hurt child, sibling group or family (e.g. why am I in care?).  


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